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SPECIAL Community Promo Airdrop Announcement: RELIQA’s Limited Edition Custom Line of “SENTINEL” NFTs

A sneak peak at some of our creators’ work made by artists, photographers, dance groups, custom code, authors, etc. that will be minted as NFTS using RELIQA’s ecosystem, creating some of the first responsibly minted, validated & verified NFTs

RELIQA’s objective is to do social good by protecting and promoting creativity while enriching a global base of Creators, Validators, GUARDIANS and Tokenholders. As a largely decentralized system, built on the Binance Smart Chain, the RELIQA platform is only as good as the community we build there.

The past 6 months, we have been working EXTREMELY hard. Not only on building our ecosystem, but also in reaching out to creators to join us. After all, what is an ecosystem without its community and the creators using it?

So, as a special announcement we would like to inform you that we have now officially partnered with over 75 Creators, with a collective following of over 10 MILLION followers, all of which will be utilizing and creating custom NFT’s using the RELIQA ecosystem! The first 50 of our creators that we have onboarded have been pegged as official “RELIQA launch partners”!

And that’s not all… To say “Thank You” — for believing in RELIQA, for seeing our value, for sharing our mission and for being EARLY adopters & believers of the RELIQA platform, we have created a collection of Limited Edition “Sentinel” NFTs. We have worked with our first 50 creators (out of 78 total) to join RELIQA (as launch partners) with a collective following of over 6.5 MILLION followers to create 100 (2 from each creator) unique Limited Edition Sentinel NFTs from our first 50 creators, which will be given to the first 100 community members who participate in the pre-sale. You will be given and assigned one of these NFTs following launch. It will be promoted right off the bat by our launch creators directly to the millions of followers that these creators have. Each one of our Sentinel NFTs will have a starting recommended value of 3 BNB which was universally chosen by our launch creators when we go live! Additionally, an airdrop will take place with 5% of the total supply (50 million $RLQ) being dispersed equally to everyone participating in the pre-sale.

These creators have been carefully selected based on the value they bring to RELIQA. These individuals and organizations range from artists, musicians, designers and much much more! They have been quick to see the change that RELIQA will make in the creative world and are eager to share our mission with those who can benefit. This also means that the RELIQA platform will be exposed to MILLIONS of people right out of the gate.

What happens if I participated in the pre-sale but I wasn’t part of the first 100? If you don’t manage to snag an NFT at launch, we have something for EVERYONE else who participates in the pre-sale. Participants will be granted Pro Access to the RELIQA VIP Series for life (a $95 per year value), and will also enjoy the airdrop given to everyone who participates in the pre-sale. The airdrop will be dispersed to everyone equally from 5% of the total supply (50 million $RLQ tokens).

We also have Limited Edition NFTs for our RELIQA VIP Series. These will be minted on demand and awarded for outstanding actions from members of the RELIQA community. What qualifies as an outstanding action in the world of RELIQA? We will reward users who go above and beyond to spread awareness, or adoption of, the RELIQA platform & to those who add value and represent the RELIQA community.

We’re here to protect ORIGINAL work. We want to ensure that the forward-thinkers, the innovators, the Creators, those who thrive on being first, can continue to be rewarded and recognized for being original and the first to do something new.

We will be launching our beta on July 10th and pre-screening will begin on July 15th. If you are interested in participating as either a Creator or Validator, or know of anyone who might be interested, we will be accepting applications soon and will begin pre-screening July 10th.

To qualify for our Limited Edition RELIQA Sentinel NFTs, early registration is key! For more information on how you can be a part of RELIQA history and create change in the creative world visit us at and join our Telegram.

Let’s do our part to make the world a safer, creative place, together!