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Introducing RELIQA: A Platform Securing, Monetizing and Managing NFTs, Creative Work & Intellectual Property (IP)

Whether we enjoy listening to music, reading a book, watching videos or admiring art, creative work nourishes our soul.

The people who create this work pour their hearts into their creations for the world to enjoy. They don’t generally do it just for the money but their rightful earnings allow them to keep creating.

Unfortunately, creators have their work ripped off daily.

For example, a recent study found that approximately 85% of all photos on the internet were used without a valid license.

This MUST stop!

The Current System: Slow, Expensive and Ineffective

Copyright protection is meant to protect creators but the current process is slow, expensive and ineffective.

Most creators believe that registering their copyright is all it takes to achieve full protection for their creative works. This is not the case. The current copyright registration process is only one step and even this first step takes time.

For example, in the United States, it takes over 3 months to have a Copyright application processed.

At the end of the 3 months, you end up with a piece of paper that simply says you claim the work as yours. The US Copyright Office performs no validation steps to attempt to determine whether the work submitted is original or even if it was previously registered.

Registration is only the first step. The creator then needs to monitor and identify infringing uses of their works. When they do, since the registration process didn’t involve any validation, enforcing copyright can entail complex and difficult lawsuits with uncertain outcomes.

The system is ineffective and broken.

The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) correctly identified blockchain technology as a means to “easily provide evidence of the time of creation”.

Their WIPO Proof system allows creators to stake their claims within minutes. However, like the US Copyright Office, they perform no validation steps. Again, users of the system are merely claiming the work as theirs. We consider WIPO Proof and other similar systems to be Blockchain 1.0 solutions.

RELIQA: Protecting Intellectual Property (IP) through Blockchain and the Crypto Community

RELIQA takes the protection further by building a package of proof that creators can use to play both offense and defense.

We allow creators to stake their claims on the Binance Smart Chain within minutes. We also plan to allow creators to BYOC (bring your own claim) like WIPO Proof, a National Copyright Registration or others. We view this step as the minimum price of entry into this space.

Our next (patent pending) step is where we shine.

By working with Copyright lawyers who understand what courts look for, RELIQA will train and certify a global network of Validators who work together to determine the ownership and originality of the submitted work. Validators perform this work as Consultants who are paid in $RLQ BEP-20 tokens.

Once a submitted work has successfully passed the Validation process, a BEP-721 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) will be minted for the work and it will be added to RELIQA’s Premium GUARDIAN Collection.

The owner will have a unique QR code that they can display on websites, print in their books, etc., as a credible seal of validation for their creative work. When scanned, this code will take the user to the appropriate RELIQA Premium GUARDIAN page where the validation steps performed can be viewed along with other information about the work and creator.

Since creators are often too busy creating to enforce their rights, we handle that too.

Just as our Validators work to validate submitted work, our global team of trained and certified GUARDIANS will work to find and report cases of infringement for items in the RELIQA Premium GUARDIAN Collection.

The creator can then easily send demand letters using the RELIQA platform to remedy the situation with links to pay the creator-specified amounts.

The NFTs that represent ownership of creative work can be monetized in the RELIQA Marketplace.

The NFTs also provide a convenient way for non-registered entities like DAOs to hold ownership of their creative assets.

We’ve focused on Copyright when painting the picture of our vision. If you zoom out some more, we intend to provide an alternative for national intellectual property registries. Zoom out some more and we intend to expand coverage to include patents, trademarks and industrial designs.

Zoom in and we have our closed beta launch at the end of June where we will begin testing the ecosystem with creators and start on-boarding Validators. We are about to take on a large, inefficient system. We intend to do it one step at a time.

Join us to help revolutionize the protection of NFTs, IP and much much more!

To learn more about us, visit and join our Telegram Chat.

Re-imagining how we create, validate and distinguish ownership of creator NFT’s utilizing the Binance Smart Chain