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A sneak peak at some of our creators’ work made by artists, photographers, dance groups, custom code, authors, etc. that will be minted as NFTS using RELIQA’s ecosystem, creating some of the first responsibly minted, validated & verified NFTs

RELIQA’s objective is to do social good by protecting and promoting creativity while enriching a global base of Creators, Validators, GUARDIANS and Tokenholders. As a largely decentralized system, built on the Binance Smart Chain, the RELIQA platform is only as good as the community we build there.

The past 6 months, we have been working EXTREMELY hard. Not only on building our ecosystem, but also in reaching out to creators to join us. After all, what is an ecosystem without its community and the creators using it?

So, as a special announcement we would like to inform you that we…

Whether we enjoy listening to music, reading a book, watching videos or admiring art, creative work nourishes our soul.

The people who create this work pour their hearts into their creations for the world to enjoy. They don’t generally do it just for the money but their rightful earnings allow them to keep creating.

Unfortunately, creators have their work ripped off daily.

For example, a recent study found that approximately 85% of all photos on the internet were used without a valid license.

This MUST stop!

The Current System: Slow, Expensive and Ineffective

Copyright protection is meant to protect creators but the current process is slow, expensive…


Re-imagining how we create, validate and distinguish ownership of creator NFT’s utilizing the Binance Smart Chain

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